Welcome and Namaste

Thanks for stopping by to check out my site. This is my story that I want to share with all of you. I am a Yoga practitioner and teacher. I also love to travel! My happiness comes to me when I am able to combine the two.

Campo AbbeyI have been traveling the US and Canada since I was 18. I bought my first Volkswagen Bus when I was 18, packed up the few belongings I had and hit the road. To date, I have been in all the States with the exception of Texas, Alaska, and Hawaii, all in a 1973 VW Bus named Janis. I also have traveled through New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia in Janis.  (side note: Janis is actually my third Bus. My original that I had for 7 years was named Janis. A tree in 2002 ended her life and I quickly bought my current Bus and named her Joplin. They are almost identical and over the last 15 years people have just started to refer to her as Janis again. I call her Joplin, but many of the parts including the engine came from Janis, so I call her either!)

The majority of my travels I was alone or with my faithful companion, Love, who was an Alaskan Malamute/ German Shepherd, who passed away in 2014. Love was an amazing soul who I was in absolute love with for the 13 years we were together. She was fortunate enough to see 42 States and the 3 Canadian Provinces, more than most humans! She was indeed my soul mate and her memory lives on.


index2I legally changed my name in 2015, after a divorce and a major shift in my life’s path. I changed my middle name to Love, always coming back to my love for her, but also as a reminder for the self and compassionate love for all beings. My last name, I changed to Phoenix. As in Rising from the Ashes! I have not had the easiest life, of which I am sure you will come to know more about as time goes by, and after my divorce in 2015, which also happened to be my second divorce, (hey, you can’t say I didn’t give it a try!) I decided to take a name that gives me power and one that truly describes and resonates with me.


I left my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska at 18, and have never looked back. What do you do when you feel the family you were born into is not really your tribe? I am sure many of us have felt that way, or do feel that way. I came to the realization that it was up to me to find and create my own family and my tribe. Which I have been successful at and have family all over the US and Canada, and Nepal!


index5Which brings me to my most recent adventure I had this past Winter. January through the first week of February, I was fortunate enough to travel with one of my best friends to Kathmandu, Nepal, India, and Bali. I went to have a deeper study and understanding of yoga, and the different paths or limbs that are associated under the Yoga umbrella. (more on the 8 Limbs of Yoga later!) I was lucky to visit temples, shrines, and ashrams to dive deep into my practice and learn more about meditation and asana and pranayama. I sat with Gurus and Monks discussing politics, as well as the true meaning and path to peace, spreading compassion, and the real benefits of a true meditation practice. I “Bathed” in Holy Water Temples, and was blessed by Sages. Had my palms read by the real deal “fortune teller” in Bali. Bathed and swam with elephants, walked with sacred cows and monkeys and the endless amounts of free roaming dogs down dirty, trash ridden streets.

So much to share! But, this is not the page for that. Please, spend some time with me as time goes by and this blog develops. I have several visions in mind of where this will go. Of course, this is also a form of a diary for me. I am an open book, so I have no problems sharing my world…and it is an interesting one! I say “If you are bored, it’s because you are boring.”  And I certainly don’t think I fall into that category. I guess you can decide that for yourself!

My vision for this blog, is not only to share my thoughts and experiences with yoga, and travel, and combining the two, but also to share how yoga and meditation are for EVERYONE. I hear people say “I can’t do yoga.”  “I’m not flexible.” “I’m too fat.” “I can’t meditate.” etc….the excuses are endless. And maybe the experience that person had at one time was discouraging. I get ALL of that. One of my future goals for this blog is to introduce simple and easy (enough) poses everyone can do. EVERYONE. I am not an “Instagram Yogi” as I like to call it. You know, the girl or guy who can balance on one hand and wrap their legs around their neck? Yeah, that’s not me.  Stick around, or not! But, I would love it if you did and feel free to leave comments or reach out at anytime with questions or feedback.

Have a BEAUTY-FULL day friends,

Jill Love Phoenix