The highest honor from my peers!

I am in such awe for how my path is catapulting forward as a spiritual practitioner and yoga teacher. I went into the Teacher Training program at Asheville Community Yoga, in January 2016, looking to deepen my own practice, with no intention of teaching. My world was blown so wide open and I remember the “click” exactly, when my mind switched from “oh hell no”, to “oh my God, I was meant to do this!” Let’s be honest, I just really like to tell people what to do, and they do it willingly:)  ok, sort of a joke, but it is really amazing to watch a sea of bodies flowing and moving together, but in their own rhythm and motion. I feel like teaching is sort of orchestrating this amazing dance, where no two people look the same. It is quite magical and beautiful, and all I do is crave more. I LOVE teaching. Nothing else I have experienced fills my soul with such pure joy and the feeling that I am “helping” someone in some way.

This month, less than one year that I have been a teacher, I was acknowledged by my peers, teachers, and the guides who brought me to my teaching path, as the June Teacher of the Month, at Asheville Community Yoga. I couldn’t be more proud to be part of such an amazing community!

Click below to read my Q&A and learn a bit more about me and my Yoga Path!

June Teacher of the Month: Jill Phoenix | Asheville Community Yoga Center

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