29 days down…1 to go!

Namaste beautiful lights! 29 days ago I began the 30 day countdown to my 40th birthday, which is Friday. I am writing this today, because I am the best gift giver to myself, and tonight I fly to San Francisco to spend the week camping in the Redwoods with my love, Kevin. I unplug this evening, but pictures will be aplenty!

29 days on the “Whole 30” diet guide, which is basically how I prefer to eat anyway. Organic vegetables, fruits, meats, and some nuts. That’s it. I will admit that this is the first time I have cut out all sugar from my diet, along with corn. I don’t eat grains, beans, or processed food anyway, due to my sensitive digestion. No sugar is really hard! It is literally in everything. However, now that we are in the rhythm and Kevin has a much better understanding of how I really have to eat, it is much easier. He has learned a lot about my eating habits over the last year and a half, but I think now he REALLY gets it! And, I even caught him reading labels at the grocery store the other day! Unprompted!! I am so proud! So, we have been eating lots of beautiful meals of fresh and organic produce, from our local Organic CSA. Organic meats from the local farm that pastures their animals. Fresh berries and fruits, as local as I can get. And nuts. I feel great! I knew I would once I got back to the discipline of following a paleo diet, which I have for almost 6 years now. Over time, I slipped here and there, especially the month I was in India and Nepal and Bali. You sort of have to eat what is provided, or you don’t eat, so I slid and threw my poor belly off.  I have so much more energy. My belly hasn’t bloated since the first few days off sugar and corn. Not only do I usually look a few months pregnant shortly after eating, but it can feel like two alien beings are duking it out in my belly after eating. Painful and gassy. Not for almost a month now! And my skin! Oh, my poor skin. Totally clear except one tiny pimple that appeared. Usually I get at least one or two painful cystic “zits” every month. The culprit of a food allergy, but never sure what caused it. I am starting to think it is sugar, but who knows. Even the dark circles I have had since birth, are a bit lighter, and some days don’t even notice them.

One other thing that I have changed in my diet, since February 6th, is not one drop of alcohol. Not one. And I am never going back! I had a few drinks on my trip, and while I was away in India, my love became sober to change his life. In support, I too, quit drinking. I was already on that path, as I dive deeper and deeper into a yogic lifestyle. It just doesn’t make sense to purify every other sense of my being, and then to put alcohol into my system. I was married for 11 years to an alcoholic, and rarely drank anyway, but after we separated I began the “retaliation drinking lifestyle”. The “I can drink now that he’s not around.” Well, before you knew it, tequila and I became fast friends. I found this drink did not make me sick, spinny, or give me hangovers. And I loved the taste. Well, you know it’s not a great sign when you receive three flasks in a year as “gifts”. Holy shit, what kind of yoga practitioner was I? A tequila practitioner was where I was headed. I lost my taste for it, thankfully on my trip, so when Kevin texted me while I was on retreat in Goa, that he had quit, I was beyond thrilled! I am not only proud of myself for these positive changes, but I am thrilled to have a partner doing the same things for HIS own health, not because I am doing it. It feels amazing to walk this journey next to him, supporting and holding each other up, to a higher and more pure standard and way of life.

I also have held true to my commitment to 30 days straight of yoga. Yep. Not one day off. Every. Damn. Day. And I feel more committed again, more discipline for my practice. It has helped strengthen my home practice.  And I LOVE IT! I feel amazing! Stronger. Leaner. More Positive. Healthier.

So, that’s it, right?  29 days down, 1 more to go and that’s it? NOPE!  I plan on 90 days of this plan, even for life if possible. I understand that sugar will creep in here and there, but for now, 90 days is my commitment. I am starting an herbal cleanse when I return home next week, to continue to battle yeast and candida in my system, and to get the proper reset before I try to reintroduce certain foods, to see if they trigger negative reactions. We’ll see, and you know I’ll keep you posted.

So that’s it for now. Stay tuned. Yoga in the Redwoods this week!! Pictures to come. Bring it on 40, I am ready for ya!

Love, Light, and Blessings!


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